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GPS Fleet Tracking

Lightning Wireless Solution’s Real-Time Fleet Tracking

With global positioning satellite (GPS) technology you can manage vehicles whenever and wherever you like. You can locate the closest vehicle to a new job, verify vehicle stops, and keep track of customer visits. GPS systems also help you dispatch more effectively by using fleet maps and driving directions.

We offer different tracking equipment hardware options to fit your ever growing fleet needs. 

Live Tracking Features Included:

  • Real-time map location and address from any computer via the internet
  • Free Android or IPhone Application
  • No software needed
  • Breadcrumb Trails
  • View entire fleet status on map
  • View all stops, speed of vehicle, time stamps, etc.
  • Obtain directions to new location for the driver to travel, at the hit of a button
  • Hit “rapid update” to constantly follow a particular vehicle while it’s moving

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